Network Design Projects for Students

The following are some recommended projects on network design for students. If you want assitance in developing reports on the titles , please email us.

Title: Wireless VLAN design in Campus


A wireless network has to be setup in a campus which has 3 blocks. There are three departments in the campus namely Management, faculty and students. There are approximately 30 users each in each department. Each department is separated as different vlans, vlan 2, vlan 3 and vlan 4. Each of the vlans are configured are mapped with the network address, and Wireless access is required at the different blocks for which access points are installed. A DSL internet connection is available which is to be shared by all the users on the network. The campus plans to use a Cisco and Microsoft infrastructure. The design strategy and methods by which multiple vlans can be hosted on an access point , which would provide dhcp addresses from a windows dhcp server needs, switches and routers with appropriate configurations to be identified. The users should also be able to access internet after successful connection.

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Title: LAN network design with file sharing and dynamic ip addresses management


A LAN network has to be setup for an organization. There are 130 users in the organization. The users should receive dynamic ip addresses on connectivity to the network. The users should also be able to upload and download files on a central location using a file server. Windows 2003/2008 based network infrastructure needs to be identified with applications like FTP server for file sharing, DHCP for ip address management with the appropriate configurations and IP network schema. The number of switches required and methods to setup the same is also identified.

Title: Web Server design and setup for organization


An organization has an e-commerce application, which is to be setup on a Window based Web server. The application would need to be accessed by users residing on the internet. The Web server is setup on the LAN, behind a perimeter firewall router which is Cisco IOS router. To allow the users on the internet to access the Web server, a static public IP address has been purchased. The necessary configurations required to setup and secure the Web server like static nat configuration on the perimeter router for the public ip address, DNS server setup, Access control lists on the router for allowing only web traffic to the web server needs to be identified.

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Title: VLAN deployment on site to site networks.


An organization has interconnected its main and branch office using a leased line network. Cisco IOS routers are used for the leased line connectivity. There are 4 departments in the organization, namely finance, management, IT and research. All the departments are mapped with different vlans, vlan 2, 3, 4 and 5 respectively. The IP networks assigned for different vlans are,, and vlan 2 and vlan 3 is configured on the main office and vlan 4 and vlan 5 is on the branch office. A solution has to be identified where the users belonging to different vlans should receive dynamic ip addresses from windows 2003 dhcp servers residing at respective locations and the necessary configuration required on the routers and the computers for allowing the users on different vlans to communicate between vlans residing at different locations.

Title: Site to Site IPSEC VPN Design in an internet sharing environment


An organization needs to setup a site to site IPSEC VPN between main and branch office. In the branch office, there is an internet connection for which a static public ip address is used. Cisco IOS routers are used at both the sites for VPN deployment. The internet in the branch office, which is setup on a Cisco IOS router, is shared by users at the location. The VPN network should be designed such that the VPN router in the branch office should use the available internet connection for VPN site to site deployment. Configurations required on the internet router, VPN routers, and network address design for users at the different locations needs to be identified for the solution to work.

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Title: Hotspot design for Coffee shop


A coffee shop needs to setup a hotspot, where users can access internet. Users should be able to access internet through one time passwords, which can be purchased from the coffee shop. The employees should be able to access the internet without passwords. A hostpot management system, internet sharing mechanism, access point integration, IP address management and seamless access to internet for employees needs to be identified.

Title: Multi Site MPLS network design


An organization has 4 locations, 1 main location with 3 branch location. The user in the branch location needs to access an ERP server in the main location through the MPLS network. Mobile users should be able to access the ERP server through the terminal server using the ADSL internet connection setup the main location. Cisco MPLS routers are proposed for the connectivity. The network should be designed with appropriate network addresses for different locations, the configuration required on the terminal server, ADSL router for remote access.

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