Network Design for Hosting Company with DDOS protection

Project Scope

A network has to be designed for a web hosting company. The company has 3 servers on which hosting service is provided to customers. There are 3 public IP addresses which the company has purchased for deploying the servers.

Network requirements

1.The public IP addresses has to be mapped correctly with internal private IP addresses
2.Only http, https should be available to outside users
3.All the servers should be protected from DDOS/DOS attacks
4.The internal LAN network should be segregated from the server network.
5.The external users should not be able to access the internal LAN network.
6.The external users should be able to access the hosting servers through the public IP address and not the private IP network of the server.
7.A cisco based infrastructure with the necessary configurations has to be identified.
8.Identify the IP network design for Server and LAN network.

Report Contents

Project Scope
Network requirements
Network Design Strategy
Network Topology Diagram
TCP/IP Network Design (Server Network address, External Network address, LAN Network address)
Network Configuration (Router Configuration, IP configuration ,Static NAT ,Access control list, CBAC Configuration)
Solution Analysis

Report format – PDF

Pages – 10

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