Network design course

The network design course is ideal for becoming a succesfull network administrator. As a network administrator, your job would demand configuring and setting up of different networking topologies. The course will teach you how to design and

configure different types of networks for various sectors.

The network administrator course uses a case study approach, which would be helpful during a networking career. Important concepts like how to perform a network design, IP address schema , where to setup routing, default gateways and DNS servers are explained in detail.

Course completion candidates would be provided with an experience certificate containing the projects listed below.


Candidates should have completed our networking basics course or professional courses like CCNA/CCNP/MCSE etc.

Course details

Home networks

1. How to design and configure a home network with single and multiple users sharing internet
2. How to identify appropriate equipments for home networking
3. Home network monitoring solutions.
4. How to connect from office PC to home PC.
5. Home network security.

Office networks

1. How to setup an office network with 50 wired users.
2. How to setup a small office with wired and wireless users with printer sharing.
3. How to setup a vlan based network for an organization.
4. How to share internet in an office environment.
5. How to connect multiple offices with different technologies.
6. Understand IP address schema, where to setup parameters like routing, default gateways, DNS servers etc.

Features and technologies used during network design

1. How to setup dynamic ip addressing system.
2. How to share files on a network.
3. How to setup NAT for internet sharing.
4. Remote management of systems and devices on the network.
5. Explore common networking features like Proxy, Port forwarding, ACL, Mac-security and their functionality.

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