LAN Network design with redundancy

Project Scope

A network which has redundancy in the design to to be setup for an organization. The organization is currently having an internet connection, which is setup using a Cisco router. The gateway addresses for users in the LAN is currently provided as an intermediate routers address, which would then forward all internet bound packets to the internet router. The network has to be upgraded by having dual intermediate routers which would automatically failover, and provide high availability access to the internet. HSRP is to be used for the deployment. The project identifies the configurations required on Cisco routers to achieve the same.

Networking requirements

1.LAN IP network design.
2.Network Topology diagram.
3.Configurations required on the routers to setup high availability with HSRP.
4.Configurations required on the routers to setup appropriate IP address and internet packet forwarding on the routers.
5.Configurations required on the LAN PC’s for appropriate gateway parameters.
6.Verification and Testing Procedure


1.Cisco routers ( 2 nos)
2.Cisco switches ( 2 nos)
3.Internet router (Internet not mandatory)
4.PC (As per requirement)
5.Network cables.

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