IP CCTV Network Design for Enterprise

Project Scope

An enterprise network has to be integrated with IP CCTV’s . The network has 4 floors. Each of the floors has approx 40 users. There are a total of 4 nos of 48 port switches at each floor. The computers of the users receive IP address through a dhcp server, which is setup on the broadband ADSL router from the network. After requirement analysis, it has been analyzed that 3 CCTV’s has to be setup at each of the floors.

Network requirement analysis

1.Infrastructure analysis for CCTV integration.
2.IP addresses design for CCTV.
3.Indentifying used IP addresses on the network.
4.Remote access procedure for CCTV from the admin PC in the enterprise.
5.Remote access of CCTV’s from the internet.
6.Mechanism to access CCTV using names.
7.Recommended CCTVs with model.

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Report Contents

Project Scope
Network requirement analysis
Infrastructure Analysis
Existing network Infrastructure diagram.
Existing IP address identification procedure
IP address design for CCTV.
Procedure for CCTV Remote access from central PC procedure
Procedure for Remote access of CCTV’s from the internet
Network Topology diagram of remote access from internet.
IP address to name mapping table.
Naming convention.
Mechanism to access CCTV’s using names.
Recommended CCTV Models

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No of Pages – 6

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