Gain Practical experience as part of you learning

How does this benefit

Any organization would always prefer to hire candidates with experience. Once a candidate completes their studies, the probability of securing a job, when compared with an experienced candidate is significantly less. This is because of the problem of “inexperience”. This program, integrates professional projects in networking which are basically scenarios which a network engineer with 1-2 years experience encounters. After the program you would be able to think and work like an experienced professional, coupled with a certificate from our organization which validates your knowledge.

If you are pursuing or completed you degree/diploma in network engineering or pursuing or completed professional networking certifications , execute professional projects on networking and security with us based on the role you have selected for your career. We provide you with an online platform with guidance.

Some of the domains are provide below


The projects are professional projects in networking which would help you to gain real time experience. The approach would be mutually beneficial for you as well as the hiring organization.

Improve your resume visibility by including real time projects.

You can put the projects in your CV and highlight the experience.

1. Network and application layer firewall vulnerabilities.

2. Security Protocol vulnerabilities.

3. Network protocol vulnerabilities.

4. Security improvements in routing protocols.

5. Improvements in 802.11 security.

6. Security research on Layer 2 security.

7. IDS and IPS research prototypes.

8. Test Plan design based on IETF and IEEE standards.

9. Research comparative study on networking and security technologies.

10. Network and Security Feature prototypes design for products.

11. Network and Application penetration testing

12. Design protocol Fuzzers

13. Security tools with Python

14. Network Design and Configuration

15. Network protocol troubleshooting

16. Network Security audit and fixes.

if you like to take pursue the projects with us email with your program of interest. Training fee would be charged based on the selected program.