How to setup a wireless home network.

Network requirement

A wireless network has to be setup at home. There are three users at home. All the users require wireless internet access on their respective laptops.

A high speed ADSL internet connection is available, which is to be shared among all the users. The appropriate devices, IP network design, TCP/IP adapter configuration needs to be identified.

How to setup a home wireless network

Network solution

A wireless ADSL router is to be purchased. The NAT feature and DHCP service feature on the router can be used for internet sharing and allocating dynamic ip addresses. The IP network address, can be used. The IP address, is allocated for the router. The dhcp service on the router, can be configured with the appropriate IP network address to allocate dynamic ip address to the users. The gateway and dns server ip addresses is configured as The name for the wireless network, also known as the SSID, is configured on the wireless router.

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