How to setup a VPN network

How to setup a VPN

Network requirement

An organization has two offices at two geographical locations across the world. The management has decided to go for a VPN solution to achieve the same.

For this, the network admin has to propose to the management with the different solution options available to setup the VPN network and should also include the methodology of how the implementation is to be planned.

Networking Solution

Since two offices need connectivity with each other, a site to site VPN tunnel would be ideal. For this, IPSEC VPN would be appropriate. There are variety of IPSEC VPN appliances which are available. Some of the vendors which manufacture VPN appliances are Cisco, Juniper, Sonic Wall etc. The organization can go for an integrated VPN/Firewall appliance for better security.

Once the products are identified, two static public IP addresses should be purchased from the ISP’s at different location. These IP addresses would be used for the VPN setup by the two VPN appliances. The LAN ip address of site 1 can be setup as and the LAN ip for Site 2 can be setup as The public IP addresses would be used for setting up the WAN interface of the appliances.

Once configured, the IP addresses should be tested to check if they can be reachable from the different sites. Once reachable, configuration required for setting up VPN IPSEC tunnel between the two sites should be performed. The configurations required to setup the VPN would differ and based on the vendor.

Appropriate routing should be setup for the and 192/168.2.0/24 network so that the packets are routed through the tunnel. It should also be ensured that the internet traffic is not routed through the tunnel.
With the above steps a VPN can be setup between two offices.

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