How to design a LAN network.

Network requirement

An organization is required to design a LAN. There are 100 users in the organization. All the users should receive IP addresses automatically.

There is a server, which is accessed by all the users for accounting purpose. The server is to be setup with a static IP address. There is a high speed ADSL internet connection, which is to be shared by all the users. The appropriate equipments, IP network design and TCP/IP configurations on the systems need be to identified.

How to design a LAN network

Network Solution

The organization needs to purchase an ADSL router, on which NAT feature can be used for internet sharing. The IP network address of can be used for the purpose. The IP address of would be used by the router and the IP address is assigned for the server. The users are configured with IP address in the range – The gateway address and the dns server IP address for the users would be the LAN IP address of the router. Typically ADSL routers contain dhcp servers inbuilt, which can be used for allocating the assigned dynamic ip addresses to the users.

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