Hotspot Design Proposal for Coffee Shop


A coffee shop needs to setup with a hotspot, where users can access ADSL internet through wireless network with a prepaid card.

Network requirements

1.Users should be able to access internet through prepaid card, which can be purchased from the coffee shop.
2.The employees should be able to access the internet without passwords.
3.A hotspot management system, internet sharing mechanism, access point integration, IP address management and seamless access to internet for employees needs to be identified.
4.A network topology listing all the components should be included.
5.Networking Components and features with explanation on integration plan.
6.Hardware inventory list.

Report Contents

1. Title
2. Abstract
3. Network requirements
4. Network requirement analysis
5. Features and Services
6. IP Network Design with table for users and components
7. Network configuration tips
8. Network Topology Diagram
9. Network Solution Explanation
10. Hardware inventory

Report Format – PDF

No of Pages – 5

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