Hospital Network Design

Project Scope

A network proposal has to be designed for a hospital which has the following. There is a main block and three wards in the campus. The main block is the administrative block where registration of new patients takes place. The main block has 5 floors. The hospital has identified hospital management software, which should be accessible by the employees. The software is installed on a server at the administrative block. At the ground floor, there are 15 computers at the billing section. At other floors, there is one computer user each. The farthest distance between the computer on the top most floor and the ground floor is less than 70 meters. The wards have 5 floors each, with 10 computers in the gound floor of each ward. The distance between the wards and the blocks are less than 80 Meters. The computers in the wards may be increased based on future expansion plans.

Network requirements

1. Hardware requirement analysis in main block with quantity.
2. Hardware requirements analysis in wards.
3. The employees should receive dynamic IP addressing from a central server.
4. Network should be loop free at Layer 2
5. Every computer should be able to access the hotel management software from each of the location using a fixed IP address.
6. IP Network design table.
7. Identify configurations on the hardware wherever appropriate.
8. Network topology diagram with necessary equipment’s

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Report Contents

1. Project Scope
2. Network requirements
3. Network requirement analysis (Main and wards)
4. Hardware analysis
5. Configuration guidelines
6. IP Network design table.
7. Network topology diagram
8. Network Testing and verification.
9. Hardware list with quantity

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Pages – 6

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