Home wireless network design

Project Scope

A wireless network has to be designed at home with remote access from office. There are 3 users at home. Two users have a desktop and the third user has a laptop. A high speed cable internet connection is available at home. A serial port printer is available for printing.

Network Requirement

1.All the users should share the internet connection.
2.The laptop should have secure wireless access to the internet
3.The desktop users should be able to access internet through the LAN.
4.The users should be transparent to the IP addressing system and should not be required to configure the same manually.
5.One of the desktop at home needs to be accessed from office.
6.All the users should be able to use the printer.

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Report Contents

1. Project Scope
2. Network requirement
3. Hardware requirement analysis
4. Network topology diagram
5. Network Implementation plan (Features and services, IP Network Design, TCP/IP Configuration on clients)
6. Requirement analysis and solutions (All 6 requirements stated above)
7. Recommended products.

Report format – PDF

Pages – 5

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