This website promotes project ideas and solutions for networking projects, network security projects, network design and configuration projects, network programming projects, ethical hacking projects and projects in computer network and security protocol analysis and testing. The site also contains different topics in networking and network security topics which can be used for papers, projects and presentations.

The website is intended for audience who have decided to take up computer networking as their career. During the path of a network career, one can take up the projects available on the website as term or final year projects. The projects are also ideal for networking engineers who have completed professional certifications in networking and would like to gain real world experience.

With free ideas for Computer networking projects and network Security projects, all the projects are provided with the title along with the necessary hardware and software requirements and details on how to implement. The audience is encouraged to research and implement the projects independently. You can take our additional support at extra charges.

The networking projects which are listed on the website are professional projects in networking, which would be encountered in a real world environment. The website contains categories, which are meant for different types of Computer networking careers.

The website also contains computer network topics which can be used for developing your own project, preparing a presentation or paper. The topics of networking are provided with detailed points , which can be used to develop your own papers, projects or presentations. This would be ideal for audience who are planning for presenting papers on networking.

A networking career consist of different areas like network and systems engineering, network programming, network testing, network analysis, penetration testing and many more. The categories which are listed on the website are based on the career path you have selected. Details of the categories is listed below.

Network design and configuration Projects These projects are based on network design and configuration. Network design projects include case studies on various sectors like hotels, office, home, campus. The network configuration projects are purely configurations based on real networking equipments, mainly Cisco , Microsoft and Linux.

Network Programming ProjectsThe projects are based on network programming. Open source tools like TCL, Expect, Python, Scapy etc are used to develop these projects.

Network Protocol analysis and Decode Projects These projects perform live analysis of networking protocols and scenarios, understand the internal working of networking protocols and respective fields, security vulnerabilities and associated mitigations.

Network Security Projects These projects are purely network security projects.

Network, Security & Protocol Testing Projects The projects are based on testing. The kind of projects in this category are protocol testing projects, network testing projects with appropriate tools, networking tool related projects and penetration testing projects

Network Topics Be it projects, papers or presentation, we provide free Computer networking topics with points which can be used to develop your own paper or presentation. The computer network topics are professional areas in the Computer networking world.