Flooding attack detection using anomaly techniques with wireshark

Project Scope

Flooding is a type of attack, in which the attacker sends numerous floods of packets to the victim or associated service in an attempt to bring down the system. There are different types of flooding attacks like ping flood, Syn floods, UDP floods etc. The project simulates a ping flood scenario, by using the ping command on the operating system and wireshark is installed and setup on the victim, which would be used to analyse the number of ping packets received during a specified duration with reference to a threshold, based on which a flooding attack is detected.

Hardware & Software

Operating Systems (2 nos, Windows or Linux, (Windows 7, XP used in lab)
Switch (1 nos)
Wireshark (Free Download)

Report Contents

1. Project Scope
2. Hardware & Software
3. Understanding Flooding attacks
4. Ping flood simulation
5. Anomaly detection
6. Anomaly detection with wireshark
7. Lab Setup and Topology
8. Normal ping traffic generation
9. Ping flood generation

Report format – PDF

Pages – 11

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