IPSEC research and implementation


In this project, the need for a VPN tunnel and the design requirement analysis is performed. Pre-configuration guidelines for VPN tunnel between two offices are documented. IPSEC components which provide security to the data along with a TCP/IP analysis of

IPSEC applied data is detailed with diagrams. IPSEC tunnelling with Cisco routers along with the necessary configurations and lab setup procedure is provided. The concepts of IPSEC split tunnelling and how it resolves internet access issues is documented.

Report format – PDF

Pages – 15

Report Contents

1. The necessity of a tunnel
2. Design requirement analysis for the tunnel
3. IPSEC Components
4. IPSEC protocols
5. IPSEC Tunnel creation.
6. TCP/IP analysis before and after applying IPSEC
7. IPSEC Tunnel deployment and configuration in a Lab with Cisco routers and topology diagram.
8. Setup Guide
9. Tunnel configuration (Actual configuration on Cisco routers)

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