Enterprise Network Design using IP Subnetting

Project Scope

An enterprise network has a main branch which is located in United States and 4 branches located at different locations across the World. Each location has 80 users each. The main location has a server which has is required to be accessed by all users in the other locations. The network is to be subnetted for the required number of networks and used in the network design.

Enterprise Network Design requirements

1. Enterprise Network Design strategy
2. TCP/IP Subnetted networks for each location
3. TCP/IP addresses table for main and branch location with details of IP addresses, subnet masks and default gateway for PC’s, Routers.
4. TCP/IP addresses for router interfaces.
5. Hardware (Routers, Switches ) with quantity (Cisco)
6. Topology Diagram with IP address.

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Enterprise network project report contents

1. Project Scope
2. Network requirements
3. Network Design strategy
4. Hardware quantity analysis (Main and branch locations)
5. TCP/IP Subnet Design
6. TCP/IP Design and Table for Main Location (LAN, WAN)
7. TCP/IP Design and Table for all branch locations (LAN, WAN)
8. Topology diagram with IP addressing.

Report format – PDF

Pages – 9

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