The project implementation guide ebook contains the details on how to do the project with detailed steps. Different ebooks are available for different categories. The following projects are included.

Network Design category Implementation guide ebook

1. Network Design proposal for small office.
2. Network Design proposal for LAN.
3. School Computer Lab network.
4. IPSEC VPN design between Main and Branch office.
5. Network Design proposal for Internet Cafe.
6. Network Design proposal for university.
7. Network Design proposal for 5 star hotel.
8. Home network design.

Cost – $35 / Rs 1500

CCNA project category implementation guide ebook

1. VPN Design
2. Design departments with VLAN for an organization
3. WAN design with leased lines
4. Interconnect main and branch office with leased lines
5. LAN design

Cost- $30 / Rs 1000


1. What is the difference between the report and the ebook

The project report contains complete details of the project. The ebook contains detailed points for the projects mentioned which can be used for designing the project by yourself and as a self study material.

2. How would the guide help me

The details provided in the ebook are detailed steps which can used for understanding how to do the project.This would act as a self learning material to execute and implement the project independently.

3. How do I purchase the ebook

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