Design a pre-sales proposal for network setup in a university

Abstract A pre-sales design proposal for network setup in a university

The university has the following 7 departments.

1. IT
2. Finance
3. HR
4. Management
5. Faculty
6. Students
7. R&D

The university has an ADSL internet connection which would be used by the departments
except for the R&D department which should not have access to the same. All the
departments should be able to communicate with each other. Each department contains
50-100 users.

Networking Requirement

1. The active network components which are required ( Routers , Switches ).
2. The number of switches , routers which are required for the design.
3. The IP Design schema for the department.
4. Explanation of the details required to be configured on the Switch and how to
create different departments with VLAN.
5. Explanation of how to restrict internet connection for R&D Department and allow
access for the other departments with Access control lists on the Router.
6. Identify the feature on the router which is required for sharing the Internet for the
7. Identify the TCP/IP adapter parameters ( IP address, Subnet mask, Default
Gateway, DNS Server IP address) for the users.
8. Network Design Diagram.

Report Contents

Project Scope
Network Design Strategy
VLAN and IP Network Design
Requirement analysis of routers and switches
Proposed routers and switches
University Network Layout
Switch configuration guidelines
VLAN configuration guidelines
Router configuration guidelines
TCP/IP adapter configuration on Users computers
Additional References

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