Datacenter security design proposal

Project Scope

The project report aims to design and implement security on a data center. The datacenter has 3 servers, each of which host different services. The services on each of the servers are DNS, FTP and HTTPS. Each of the servers have unique public IP addresses. There are also 2 network administrators on the network who manages and troubleshoot any issues on the server


1.The datacenter servers and admins should be on different network.
2.The servers should be accessible from the internet using public IP address.
3.The servers should also have private IP address using which the admins access
4.Only the required services should be available on the servers for external access. All other services should be blocked.
5.The private IP address of the servers should not be accessible from the outside network
6.All communication to the outside network from the server network should be through the respective public IP address.
7.External users should be unable to access the LAN network.
8.The implementation should be performed using Cisco IOS firewall router and switches.

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Report Contents

1. Project Scope
2. Requirements
3. Network Design strategy
4. TCP/IP Design
5. TCP/IP Table
6. Hardware analysis and table
7. Topology Diagram
8. Topology diagram explanation
9. Router configuration (Interface , NAT, ACL-ACL rule to allow only respective services, ACL rule to deny access to private IP address of servers and LAN network.)
10. Commands for verification
11. Requirements and Solutions explanation

Report format – PDF

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