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This section of the website contains cyber security research topics for papers, projects and presentation . Latest topics related to security threats, attacks and mitigation techniques are provided below. We also have Cyber security paper writing services where we develop custom papers based on specific titles.

1. Database Security threats

Understand the different types of threats targeting a database like SQL injection attack , how they work and different techniques which should be used to mitigate these attacks

2. DDOS attacks and financial loss

Understand the impact of DDOS attacks on mission critical servers and how it can impact an organization financially

3. Malware mitigation plan

Understand the different types of malware on the internet and measure your networks vulnerability of the same. Design a mitigation plan for the identified malware vulnerability.

4. Study of Phishing, types and mitigation techniques

Understand how phishing attacks work , the different types of phishing techniques and counter measures

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5. Comparative study of trojan and antivirus

Perform a study of trojans and antivirus, how they differ in their working ,impact on commercial networks and mitigation technique.

6. Comparative study of intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems

Understand the working for intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems , identify the differences and why you would recommend IPS over IDS.

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7. Cyber Security assessment

Identify the method you would use to conduct a cyber security assessment for an organization based on different available standards like NIST Guidelines, SANS, CISecurity etc.

8. Web application Penetration Testing

Design a penetration test plan for web application using standards like OWASP and identify the different tools (Commercial and free) which you would use to conduct the tests.

9. Fingerprinting Tool

Develop a custom fingerprinting tool using Python which would identify the operating systems of the remote host.

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10. Practical analysis of Key loggers

Understand how key loggers work, how they get installed on your computer and the security issues encountered in a scenario.

11. Ransomware attacks

Understand the technique behind ransomware attacks , how they work on a network and different mitigation techniques.

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12. Password cracking

Identify different password cracking techniques like brute force, how they work and the different tools used for the same.

13. Data Backup Security

Design your network infrastructure to protect your backups. The backup data should be stored on secure servers accessible only by authorized personal.

14. IoT Security

Design a solution to identify security issues in IOT products and report it to the customer instantaneously.

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