Cyber security projects for beginners

The followng are 7 projects and topics in cyber security which are recommended for beginners.

1. Comparative study of web application and network layer firewalls.

This project understands fundamental difference between web application and network layer firewalls. It understands various types of attacks and the best type of firewall to be used in each scenario. The details of the project can be found here – Comparative study of web application and network firewall

2. Small business network design with secure ecommerce server

This project understands how to setup a secure network with appropriate security permissions to host a secure ecommerce server on a network. The configurations which are needed to setup the network is understood. More details on the project can be found here – Small business network design with secure ecommerce server

3. Active and Passive FTP security analysis

This project understands the security issues related and active and passive FTP. It understands the vulnerabilities in both protocols.Wireshark analysis of both FTP communication is performed. The details of the projects and reports can be found here – Active and Passive FTP design and security analysis

4. IP Spoofing

IP spoofing is a technique by which an attacker spoofs the IP address with a different IP address and sends it on the network. This is used either by using custom coding or tools like Scapy or nmap. A custom tool can be programatically developed using Python and packet crafting framework scapy.

Check out out course Click here to take the Python Scapy network programming course with Projects & Source Code on Udemy to learn how to write your own network and security tools with Python and Scapy.

5. Port scanner

Port scanner is a utility which is used to scan ports on a remote system. This technique is used as a reconnaissance tool to find out the list of ports which are open or closed.

Once identified, appropriate vulnerabilities on these ports can be exploited. Developing a code for port scanner using Python or c/c++ is a good cyber security project.

6. DDOS attacks

A distributed denial of service attacks is one of the most deadliest attacks which are targetted on public servers. The goal of the attack is to bring down websites. Developing and simualting a DDOS attack is a good topic for cyber security project. You can develop custom programs with Python or C/C++ for simualating and demonstrating these attacks.

The Network design for hosting company with DDOS protection is a network security project which aims to design and secure a hosting company from DDOS attacks.

7. Ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks are one of the most dangerous attacks in todays world. These attacks would encrypt data and hold the organization for ransom. Only once the organization pays, the key to decrypt the data is provided.

The project Network security design for backup server is to design, implement and secure a network with a backup server with appropriate configurations.

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