Research Based Study

Research Based study projects

Wireless router Security


The project understands the different types of wireless routers and associated security features with it. The different types of wireless router security features is researched and understood why they are used in a practical environment.

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Secure Wireless Infrastructure design for an Organization

Abstract The project is to understand the components and technologies which are involved to setup a secure wireless LAN infrastructure in an organization based on 802.1x and radius. The users need to authenticate on an LDAP infrastructure which

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A study on port-security feature

Abstract The project understand the functionality of port-security feature on cisco switches and it’s need. The different options available for configuring port-security on a Cisco switch and expected behavior is noted.

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Web application vulnerabilities, attacks and tools

Abstract The project is to research 10 attacks which are targetted on Web application vulnerabilities and associated tools which can be used for testing the security of Web applications. The anatomy of the vulnerabilities are researched and documented.

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