Network Testing

Project – DHCP Troubleshooting Test Plan

Project Scope – The project is design a Test plan for troubleshooting DHCP related issues in a network.

Hardware and Software


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Network and Security Analysis

These project perform network and security analysis of network infrastructure, networking and security protocols with appropriate tools and software. Most of the tools used in the projects are open source. Tools like wireshark, tshark are used for the purpose.

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Design a Test Plan for RFC 6192 – Protecting the Router Control Plane

Project Scope:

RFC 6192 detects malicious and illegitimate traffic on the control plane of a router and then filter accordingly. The project is to design a test plan which would test the parameters as outlined in RFC 6192

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Design and Execute a Test plan for ICMP based Attacks


The project aims to design a test plan with test cases for ICMP based attacks with scapy. There are a variety of ICMP based attacks. Using scapy, and other appropriate mechanisms, these attacks need to be simulated.

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