Network Configuration

Network configuration projects

Block access between two departments in an organization

Project Scope The project is to use VLANs to create multiple departments. Each department is associated with an IP network address as shown in the diagram. The server is maintained on one of the VLAN’s.

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Deploy and configure multiple websites on One PC.

Project Scope:

The project is to deploy and configure multiple websites on one PC with a single IP address.

Hardware and Software requirements

Hardware – Windows 2003/2008 PC ( 1nos), Windows or Linux PC (1 nos), switch

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Project: Internet sharing on Cisco Router.

Project Scope

Design and configure internet sharing on a Cisco 2610 XM router.

Project Report

1. The video capture of the actual configuration including PAT (Port address translation) and appropriate route entries for internet access.

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Project: Deploy and Configure a FTP server and client

Project Scope:

The project is to setup, deploy and configure a FTP server on Windows XP platform with necessary user permissions and provide access to FTP clients.

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