Network Configuration

Network configuration projects

Network design with multiple VLANs and Single DHCP Server

To design and configure a network for an organization with multiple departments, finance, hr and marketing, where all users in the department receive appropriate dynamic IP address from Windows 2008 DHCP Server.

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DMZ Network design with VLAN


A DMZ network is to be designed for an organization using VLAN. The organization uses a web server which is publicly accessible over the internet. A DMZ has to be setup using a Cisco IOS firewall router using VLAN’s on the interface, which are connected to Cisco switch. On the switch, vlans are created to segregate between the web server and LAN network. The project uses appropirate devices to demonstrate the above requirement with appropirate equipments and features on it.

Hardware and Software

1. Cisco IOS firewall router

2. Cisco switch ( 2nos)

3. Computers.

Report format – PDF

Pages – 4

Report contents

Lab topology diagram
Lab topology explanation
Methodology ( Network and DMZ setup guidelines)
DMZ setup guideline explanation
Network verification and testing

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Access control lists in a VLAN environment.


The project understands the different types of access control list and the different types on a Cisco IOS firewall like inbound, outbound, standard and extended and how it can be efficiently use to provide access restriction between different systems and services belonging

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Enterprise network design with IPSEC


An organization is planning to link up the main and branch office with Cisco VPN routers. Users in the main and branch office uses the network address and After the VPN deployment , the computers in the different offices should be able

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