Cloud penetration testing books

The following are the top 4 cloud penetration testing books. The penetration testing books shows how to perform a penetration testing on common cloud platforms like AWS and Azure. Penetration testing framework , Kali Linux and associated tools are predominantly used to conduct penetration testing on these platforms.

1. Hands on AWS penetration testing using Kali Linux

What you would learn in this book

1. How to setup a Pentesting Lab on AWS
2. How to setup a Kali PentestBox on the Cloud3.
3. How to perform exploitation on the Cloud using Kali Linux
4. How to Set Up Your First EC2 Instances
5. How to Perform pen testing of EC2 Instances using Kali Linux
6. How to retrieve deleted data
7. How to perform reconnaissance to identify vulnerable S3 Buckets
8. How to Exploit Permissive S3 Buckets.
9. How to setup Identity Access Management on AWS
10. How to conduct Privilege Escalation attack of AWS Accounts Using Stolen Keys, Boto3, and Pacu
11. How to Use Boto3 and Pacu to Maintain AWS Persistence
12. How to perform Pentesting of AWS Lambda
13. How to perform Pentesting and method to Secure AWS RDS
14. How to Pentest CloudTrail
15. GuardDuty fundamentals
16. How to use Scout Suite for AWS Security Auditing
17. How to use Pacu for AWS Pentesting
18.How to conduct and perform a real World AWS Pentesting

2. Penetration Testing Azure for Ethical Hackers:

What you would learn in this book

1. The fundamentals and working of Azure Platform and Architecture Overview
2. How to Build Your Own Environment on Azure
3. How to Find Azure Services and associated Vulnerabilities
4. How to Exploit Reader Permissions
5. How to exploit Contributor Permissions on IaaS Services
6. How to exploit Contributor Permissions on PaaS Services
7. How to Exploit Owner and Privileged Azure AD Role Permissions
8. How Persisting works in Azure Environments

3. AWS penetration testing

1. How to setup and build an AWS Environment
2. Understanding the fundamentals of Pentesting and Ethical Hacking
3. How to Exploit AWS S3 Buckets
4. Fundamentals of Vulnerable RDS Services
5. How to Set Up and Pentest AWS Aurora RDS
6. Assessment and Pentesting of Lambda Services
7. Security Assessment of the AWS API Gateway
8. How to conduct a Real-time Pentesting with Metasploit framework,
9. Understand the best practices to be followed for AWS penetration testing
10. Projects with AWS.

4. PenTesting Azure Applications

What you would learn in this book

1. How to Find security issues related to multi-factor authentication and management certificates
2 How to perform scanning on Azure services using PowerShell commands to detect IP addresses, users and undertsnad the rules which is configured on the firewall.
3. How to discover errors on the security configurations on the infrastructure which could make hackers to exploit Azure storage and keys
4. How to exploit the loop holes in virtual machine configuration to retrieve the passwords, binaries, code, and settings files
5. How conduct Penetration testing on networks by enumerating rules configured on the firewalls.
6. How to investigate specialized Azure services like Key Vault and Websites is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program. We may receive commissions when you make a purchase through a link or banner.