Cisco ipsec vpn configuration


An organization is planning to link up the main and branch office with Cisco VPN routers. Users in the main and branch office uses the network address and After the VPN deployment , the computers in the different offices should be able

to access (ping) each other. As a proof of concept, a lab is setup where the VPN design is practically demonstrated by connecting Cisco routers in a point to point fashion using a DTE-DCE Cable. Networks are setup on the routers to create a main and branch office scenario with computers. Necessary configurations are identified on the router to setup the VPN tunnel for the computers to ping each other.

Project Type: Practical demonstration

Hardware and Software

1. Computers ( 2nos)
2. Cisco 2611 XM and Cisco 1751 router ( 2nos) (Any Cisco routers which support IPSEC would suffice)
3. Switches ( 2 nos)
4. DTE-DCE Cable

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Report contents

1. Network topology diagram to setup the lab.
2. Interface configuration on the routers.
3. VPN configuration on the routers with explanations.
4. Routing configuration for VPN communication.
5. Configurations required on hosts for communicating using the VPN tunnel

Pages -8

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