Cisco automation framework

The Cisco automation framework project develops a framework of scripts with TCL and Expect for automating configurations on Cisco routers and switches for network administration and testing activity. Basics of TCL and expect is understood prior to the development of the framework. The following scripts are available in the framework.

1. Script to automate telnet connectivity to Cisco router
2. Script to automate telnet connectivity to Cisco switch
3. Script to automate the process of printing the shown run command on a Cisco router
4. Script to search for a specific pattern in the output returned from a Cisco show command.
5. Script to automate the process of configuring RIP entry for a specific network address on a Cisco router.
6. Script to automate the process of configuring 100 RIP entries on a Cisco router
7. Script to automate the process of creating a VLAN on a Cisco switch
8. Script to create 30 VLAN’S on a Cisco switch

The framework is available as a downloadable ebook. Contents and title are provided below.

Ebook Title – Network Test automation using TCL and Expect

Ebook Contents

What is TCL
TCL Setup procedure
What is Expect
Expect Setup procedure
Understanding the need for TCL and Expect
TCL and Expect Basics
Creating a TCL File
Import expect into a TCL file
Executing the TCL file
TCL essential for network automation
Regular expressions
EXPECT essentials for network test automation
Expect commands
Expect Buffers
Source Code of the above mentioned scripts

Ebook format – PDF

No of Pages – 26

Price – 9.99

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