Main and Branch offices Leased line link

AbstractAn organization plans to link up it’s main and branch office with leased lines. Cisco routers are planned for the deployment. The networks in the main and branch office uses and

The link speed on the leased lines are 64 kbps. The computers in the respective offices should be able to access each other after the leased lines are deployed. For demonstrating the design, a lab is setup where two Cisco routers are configured in a point to point fashion using a DTE-DCE cable. The different networks are setup on the routers. Appropriate configurations are identified for the soltuion to work.

Project Type: Practical demonstration projects

Hardware and Software

Cisco 2610 XM ( 1 nos) ( Any Cisco router which supports WIC would suffice )
Cisco 1751 ( 1 nos )( Any Cisco router which supports WIC would suffice )
Switches ( 2 nos) (If switch is unavailable, the computers can connect directly to the routers)
Computers (2 nos)
DTE-DCE Cable ( 1nos)

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