CCNA based project – LAN Design

Project Scope

The project is to design an organization that has three floors. It has 5 departments (HR, IT, Finance, Management, Trainee). All the departments should have access to each other. There are approximately 12 users in each department . The users in the different departments should be interaccesible.

Hardware and Software

Hardware – Cisco router (Capable of intervlan routing) and Switch which supports VLAN, PC’s ( 2nos – for demonstration)

Software – Packet Tracer can be used if the above equipments are not available

How to implement the project

Create different departments corresponding to different VLAN and map it with a department. Create different IP subnets for different vlans. Make the ports on the switch as members of respective VLAN’s. The switches should connect to each other using trunk ports. Connect the router to one of the switches. The interface of the router should be configured for different sub interface ip addresses which should map with the corresponding VLAN. The default gateway of the PC’s should be the IP address of the sub interface of the router for that specific VLAN.

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