Router access restriction on a VLAN network


An organization uses a VLAN based network. There are 3 vlans on the network, namely vlan 2, vlan 3 and vlan 4. The IT department belongs to vlan 4. The vlans are mapped with the IP networks, and It is required that only the IT department vlan should be able to remote access the router using telnet.

All the other vlans should be blocked. To demonstrate the solution a lab is setup with Cisco routers and switches with the topology simulated. The necessary configurations required to achieve the solution is identified.

Project Type: Practical demonstration

Hardware and software

1. Cisco 2611 XM – 1 nos (Any Cisco router which supports intervlan routing would suffice )

2. Cisco 2950 switch – 1 nos (Any Cisco switch which supports vlans would suffice )

3. Computers ( 3 nos)

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