Active and Passive FTP Design and Security analysis


The project does a detailed analysis of the two different types of the FTP protocol, Active and Passive. The design of the protocols, which include the TCP connection establishment on the respective ports,

are verified using live practical analysis with wireshark protocol analyzer. The different types of security vulnerabilities and attacks targeted on FTP based application are understood. A lab setup topology with appropriate instructions is provided for practical experiment.

Report Contents

1. Basic FTP Design
2. FTP Types (Active and Passive)
3. Wireshark analysis of Active FTP with explanation on capture file
4. Wireshark analysis of Passive FTP with explanation on capture file
5. FTP Vulnerabilities and Mitigation
6. FTP attacks
7. Software and Hardware Requirement
8. Lab Setup for Live capture with wireshark

Pages – 9

Report format – WORD DOC

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