Network Security Archive

Wireless network security – Features, Protocols and vulnerabilities.

Abstract The paper documents the authentication mechanisms in a wireless network like Open system, shared key, WPA, 802.1x etc. The detailed functionality analysis of the mechanisms are researched and documented. A comparative study of WEP and WPA

VLAN design, attacks and defense

Abstract In this project. the concept of VLAN and the methodology to design a VLAN based network for an organization is documented. A practical case study with Cisco routers and switches is documented along with the necessary

IPSEC research and implementation

Abstract In this project, the need for a VPN tunnel and the design requirement analysis is performed. Pre-configuration guidelines for VPN tunnel between two offices are documented. IPSEC components which provide security to the data along with

Comparative study of NAT implementation on Cisco IOS and Cisco ASA.

Abstract In this paper the NAT implementaion on Cisco IOS and Cisco ASA is studied. The different types of features like static nat, dynamic nat and PAT and the configurations required to setup the features on the