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Comparative study of Web application and Network Layer Firewalls

Project Scope The project analyzes and understands the need of network and application layer firewalls. Analysis of TCP/IP communication, common attacks which occur at the network and application layers like spoofing, flooding, cookie poisoning, sql injection and

Network design for school.

Abstract A network has to be designed for a school. There are a total of 230 computers in the school computer lab. The users in the lab should belong to a single domain and receive IP address

Small business network proposal

Requirement A proposal has to be developed for a software development organization, which is planning to setup a small business network. There are 5 users in the organization. Users should belong under one group. A server should

Wifi proposal for airport

Requirement An airport has a network which has an internet connection. A Wifi hotspot solution is been planned to be deployed. The solution should seamlessly integrate with the existing network and be able to share the existing