Research ideas

This section is dedicated for academic audience who are looking for project and research ideas in networking and security domain for final year. The following Networking and Security Projects can be used by students for their research activities.

Design and setup security implementation for a datacenter with appropriate networking components. Learn More

Implement and design a collapsed core architecture for a warehouse using Cisco colapsed core architecture Learn More

Design and configure a network for a casino with appropriate networking components with TCP/IP details Learn More

Design a technique by which flooding attacks can be detected by the use of anomaly techniques with wireshark tool Learn More

Design a WAN network for an organization which is optimized for appropriate traffic Learn More

Design and implement a network for an organization with a secure e-commerce server. Learn More

Understand the security threats with a DHCP based infrastructure along with mitigation techniques Learn More

Technique to monitor the websites accessed by employees on a network using wireshark Learn More

A comparative study of web and network layer firewalls Learn More

Design and implement a network for a hospital with Cisco infrastructure Learn More

Technique to detect intrusions based on pattern matching technique with wireshark. Learn More

Design and implement a network for an airport. Learn More

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