Wireshark Tutorials for Network Administrators – This work book contains case studies which are typically encountered by network administrators and appropriate solutions with screenshot and detailed explanation.

250+ Network Engineer Interview Questions & Answers

The Ebook contains 250+ interview questions based on different networking and security concepts. Objective and scenario based questions with detailed answers are included.


VLAN Network Design – This work book contains different case studies in which networks are designed using VLAN’s. It starts with the fundamentals of VLAN , types and the appropriate configuration which should be used to setup VLAN based networking.

Network Design guide for beginners – The book explains how to design networks with case studies


Network Monitoring – Tools & Techniques – This workbook contains case studies encountered during network monitoring and appropriate solutions by the use of inbuilt TCP/IP tools and wireshark.

Home network design Guide – This workbook contains different case studies in a home networking environment. It also explains the step by step procedure to setup a home network including TCP/IP addressing, hardware components.

Building Network Troubleshooting tools with Python and Scapy – This workbook contains case studies where network troubleshooting activities are automated with Python and Scapy. Source code with detailed explanation , screenshots and step by step procedure to integrated Python and Scapy is also included.

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