Research and Analysis Projects Archive

Active and Passive FTP Design and Security analysis

Abstract The project does a detailed analysis of the two different types of the FTP protocol, Active and Passive. The design of the protocols, which include the TCP connection establishment on the respective ports,

SSL Analysis on the Internet

Abstract: The project does a live analysis of SSL communication between a HTTPS client and server on the internet. Detailed analysis of the TCP communication and the different SSL messages which are exchanged between an internet browser

SSH Analysis

Abstract The project does an analysis of SSH communication between a SSH client and a SSH server. The SSH client is putty and SSH server is a Cisco router. The TCP communication channels are explained with details

Rogue DHCP Server Prevention

Abstract The project understands the different types of DHCP messages with detailed analysis with wireshark protocol analyzer. the security issues in DHCP and the concept of Rogue DHCP servers are analyzed. The methodology by which Rogue DHCP