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Brute force attack detection using wireshark

Project Scope Brute force attacks are used for detecting login credentials using random combinations of username and passwords. The project demonstrates a technique by which brute force attacks on FTP servers can be detected using Wireshark Analysis.

Detecting TCP Xmas Scan using pattern analysis techniques

Project Scope TCP Xmas scan is a port scanning technique which is used for identifying if a port is open or closed. The scan utilizes the urg, psh and fin flags in the TCP header. The project

DHCP Infrastructure security threats, mitigation and assessment.

Project Scope This project understands the basics of dhcp communication, and the security vulnerabilities in the generic dhcp protocol. Security issues related to DHCP infrastructure and how it can be mitigated using appropriate features on switches are

Network Security Policy Implementation for Campus

Project Title : Network Security Policy Implementation for Campus Project Scope A network has to designed aligning to the network security policy requirements outlined below for a campus. The campus has faculty and students. There are 50