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Network programming assignment topics

This section of the website contains topics for network programming assignment. Scripts are developed using Python with additional frameworks. TCP Syn Sender A TCP packet sender developed with Python which sends custom TCP SYN Packets. Mac Spoofer

Network Security assignment Topics

This section of the website contains network security assignment topics. The assignment title along with description is provided which can be used for research activity. Secure network design with DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) Understands the concept of Demilitarized

Cisco automation framework

The Cisco automation framework project develops a framework of scripts with TCL and Expect for automating configurations on Cisco routers and switches for network administration and testing activity. Basics of TCL and expect is understood prior to

Network Security Case Study

This section contains network security case study topics. Title: IPSEC issues with NAT firewalls and IP Fragments with mitigation. The case study does a detailed study on IPSEC and its different modes like transport and tunnel mode.