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Network Security Case Study

This section contains network security case study topics. Title: IPSEC issues with NAT firewalls and IP Fragments with mitigation. The case study does a detailed study on IPSEC and its different modes like transport and tunnel mode. IPSEC issues with NAT firewalls and IP fragmented packets and the different mitigation techniques which are available...

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The book VLAN NETWORK DESIGN contains case studies on VLAN technology. Different types of scenarios where VLAN technology is used for designing networks are understood. The Details of case study in the ebook is provided below. CASE STUDY Network design with a single vlan. Network design with multiple vlans and access restriction Network Design...

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Wireshark Case Study

The ebook Wireshark tutorials for Network administrators contains real time wireshark case study on network analysis. Different types of wireshark filters are explored for performing analysis of the identified scenarios. The table of the contents of the ebook is provided below. Ebook Price – $5 Table of Contents How to find the IP address...

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Network Management Case study

The ebook Network monitoring tools and techniques contains different case studies encountered during network management. Different types of tools like wireshark , nmap along with a combination of inbuilt TCP/IP tools available on the operating system is understood. The table of contents of the ebook is provided below. Ebook Price – $3.99 Table of...

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