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Network design proposal for Bank

Abstract A network proposal has to be developed for a bank. The bank has a main office , which is located in London, and has 5 branch offices located at Paris, California, India, Dubai and Qatar. The

Hotspot Design Proposal for Coffee Shop

Abstract A coffee shop needs to setup with a hotspot, where users can access ADSL internet through wireless network with a prepaid card. Network requirements 1.Users should be able to access internet through prepaid card, which can

Cloud network design proposal

Project Scope Design a cloud network proposal for a software development organization with 100 users. Project Requirements 1.The organization should have a website setup on the cloud 2.All users should have email accounts under the organization name,

Remote access VPN Network design behind NAT router

Project scope and description In this project, a network has to be designed for remote access VPN. A windows XP VPN server is to be setup behind a Cisco NAT router.