Security Testing Archive

ICMP Address mask vulnerability scanner

Abstract The project develops a tool which is used for testing the ICMP address mask vulnerability on operating systems and devices. When an ICMP address mask request is initiated, devices which are vulnerable would respond with its

Ingress filter penetration test tool

Abstract The project develops a tool with scapy and python which would test a Cisco router for source address spoofing attack. The necessary configuration is set up on the router to defend against the attack. The tool

Layer 2 vulnerability testing tool

Abstract The scope of the project is to understand the different types of security attacks which are targetted on a layer 2 infrastructure. Once the attacks are identified , different tools are identified which can be used

Router penetration test plan

Abstract The project prepares a penetration test plan for a internet border router for an organization. Different guideline documents available is researched and the test plan devised. The Test plan should contains the Test description, Test steps,