Networking Tools Archive

Windows TCP Connection Monitor

Project Scope – The project aims to develop a command line based windows TCP connection monitoring tool by using netstat and Python. The tool prints the number of TCP connections for the required number of time and

Packet Loss Testing Tool

Project Scope The projects develops a packet loss testing tool which would send required number of ping packets to a destination and returns the number of packets sent and lost packets. O/S –Linux (Tested on Ubuntu) Language

TCP Port Scanner

Project Scope: The project develops a TCP port scanner with Python and Scapy. The tool would analyze if a corresponding TCP port is open or closed on the destination. Hardware and Software Python 2.6, Scapy 2.2.0 (Free

Web Server fingerprinting tool

Project Scope The scope of the project is to develop a command line program , which would fingerprint a web server based on the information received in response to a HTTP Get request. For this purpose, a