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Enterprise Network Design using IP Subnetting

Project Scope An enterprise has a main branch which is located in United States and 4 branches located at different locations across the World. Each location has 80 users each. The main location has a server which

Flooding attack detection using anomaly techniques with wireshark

Project Scope Flooding is a type of attack, in which the attacker sends numerous floods of packets to the victim or associated service in an attempt to bring down the system. There are different types of flooding

Brute force attack detection using wireshark

Project Scope Brute force attacks are used for detecting login credentials using random combinations of username and passwords. The project demonstrates a technique by which brute force attacks on FTP servers can be detected using Wireshark Analysis.

WAN Optimization design for enterprise

Project Scope A WAN network has to be designed for an organization which has a main branch and remote branch. There are 100 users in the main branch and 50 users in the remote branch. The main