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Network Security Projects for students

The following are some network security projects for students. Title: Preventing DHCP starvation attack with port-security Abstract: In a DHCP starvation attack, the goal of the attacker is to exhaust the number of available IP addresses of

Python network programming course

Python network programming course What you would learn 1. Packet crafting concepts and techniques 2. Packet crafting framework – Scapy 3. Integrating Python and Scapy make your own network tools. What you get 1. 30 video tutorials.

Wireless LAN security project

This discussion details the steps which can be followed to develop a wireless lan security project. 1. Understand the basic steps of a wlan communication like open systems , shared key etc. 2. Identify the threats on

Intrusion detection project idea

This discussion focuses on how to develop a intrusion detection project. 1 Setup a LAN network with a web server like Windows IIS or Apache. 2. Understand the different types of security threats which are targeted on